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Miyerkules, Pebrero 18, 2015

Finally Official Info about Shuchou Koritama!

First Name: Shuchou (means keynote, main melody)
Last Name: Koritama ('kori' means ice, 'tama' means jewel)

Utau tone infos:

(Not based on her page on utau wikia)
Hair: Long, Kinda Straight, Silver
Eyes: Aqua Blue or Sky Blue/Light Blue
Height: 5 ft.
Weight: 41 kg.
Chest: 'A' cup.
Age: 14
Birthday: September 15, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Gender: Female (considers herself unidentified)
Personality: Kinda evil sometimes, Unexpressive, Clumsy-like, Kinda nice, Sometimes ignorant
Fear: Spiders, Never-Stops-Stalking-Person, Dirt
Weakness: Friends, Family, Pizza, Elders 60+ who suffer

She cames from Antarctica and she doesn't know why she's there. She has good friends there in Antarctica - the penguins, etc. Yet she doesn't know why she's able to communicate with them. And she met a boy, who is son of a scientist from Germany. The boy is named Lynn Stathis (who is a Filipino-German) and she meets his family and friends afterward. They've able to make good memories with each other and in the end, they fell into each other. After that, an accident happens and the boy dies. Then the boy wakes up, and realizes that it was all a dream that there's a girl named Shuchou from Antarctica. He realizes that he was in a hospital and saw the girl beside him - a girl really looked like Shuchou, his bestfriend. His family explained that he'd gone into an accident yesterday and his bestfriend sacrified her organs to him in order to live. Because he's kinda geeky, he created a computerized singer named Shuchou and decides to use her to sing any song. The boy and his bestfriend make songs together... So because he don't have any singer, he created Shuchou Koritama.
*There is an ongoing story based on Koritama Shuchou after all, if you want to read it (Philippine language only - if u want me to translate it to english please comment or something ^-^) please go to Wattpad and find 'That Girl Came From Antarctica by EdevilousBlack' thanks ^-^!

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